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Focus on Vacuum Metalizing Coating for 30 Years

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SINCE 1993

Company Profile

      Guangdong Shenzhan Industrial Co., Ltd.was founded in 1997. It is a well-known enterprise in the domestic vacuum coating industry supporting coating manufacturing. It can provide users with a full range of vacuum coating paint products and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. The company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and has a Guangdong Vacuum Coating Paint Engineering Technology Research and Development Center. It has advanced production equipment and testing instruments and has strong technical force.

      The company undertook the vacuum coating coating national high-tech industrialization demonstration project, and launched SZ-97 vacuum coating coating products in China, which filled the domestic blank, and the technology level is leading in China. Taking the lead in the domestic research on the water-based vacuum coating coating, the company successfully developed water-based vacuum coating products and launched them in the market, filling the gaps in the domestic market, with the leading technology level in the country and the advanced technology level in the world. The company has mastered the core manufacturing technology of vacuum coating coatings, with independent intellectual property rights, formed a series of products from oil-based to water-based, from heat-curing to light-curing, obtained nearly 20 national invention patents and a number of provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological achievements, led the development of the "Vacuum Coating Coatings" industry standards.

      The company has passed the ISO 9001 international quality management system certification and has been awarded the "Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise" by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in successive years since 2001. It has been awarded honorary titles such as "China's Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise", "Guangdong Top 10 Integrity Nominated Enterprises", "Guangdong Province May 1st Labor Certificate", "Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" and other honorary titles. The company's party branch was rated as "Guangdong Province's Advanced Grassroots Party Organization with a Solid Foundation" and "Guangdong Province's Two New Top 100 Party Organizations", and the company's trade union won titles such as "National Model Employees' Home" and "National Trade Union Outstanding Employee Bookstore" . Shenzhan brand vacuum metalizing varnish series products are widely sold throughout the country due to their high quality, low price and excellent service, which greatly reduces the cost of coating products and enhances the competitiveness of domestic coating products in the international market.

Company Culture

Enterprising Spirit

Strive, Innovation, Integrity, Dutifulness

Business Policy

Focus on professionalism, in-depth development of high-tech; mutual trust and win-win situation, in-depth expansion of large markets

Business Philosophy

Honest world, mutual trust and win-win, people-oriented, quality first!

Corporate Vision

Tree deep exhibition brand, be a hundred years enterprise

Corporate Core Values

Create value, satisfy customers, treat employees well, and contribute to society.