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Rongcheng District's first academician workstation was established

        (Reporter Gao Haoqin Lin Yifan correspondent Wu Xuefeng) Rongcheng District in the implementation of innovation-driven strategy and a new initiative, on the 24th, Rongcheng District, the first academician workstations - Guangdong Shenzhan Industrial Company Limited academician workstation inaugurated. This will Yungcheng to scientific and technological innovation to lead the transformation and development of industry has a positive role in promoting and demonstration effect.

        It is understood that Rongcheng District, in-depth implementation of the municipal party committee, the municipal government strategic plan, vigorously implement the innovation drive, has been carried out with the provincial Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau to build private enterprises to enhance the capacity of independent innovation project base strategic cooperation, the establishment of Guangdong Private Entrepreneurs Training Institute Jie Shang Branch, and domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities, scientific research institutes climbed twinning, deepening the cooperation between industry, academia and research, scientific and technological innovation has become a Rongcheng to adapt to the new economic normal, promote industrial transformation and upgrading of the important engine.

        The formal establishment of the academician workstation of Guangdong Shenzhan Industry Co., Ltd. marks another solid step in the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy of the municipal party committee and the municipal government in Rongcheng. This is the first academician workstation in Rongcheng District and one of the six academician workstations in the city. The academician workstation is jointly established by the team of academician Jian Xigao of Shenzhan Company and Dalian University of Technology, and will carry out industry-university-research cooperation in the fields of polymer materials and vacuum coating coatings. Through the close cooperation between the two sides, it will realize the docking between enterprises and scientific research institutes at a higher level and in a higher field, which is of great significance to the cultivation of high-level talents and scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges in Rongcheng District.

        Academician Jian Xigao is a national famous polymer materials leader, long engaged in polymer materials synthesis, modification and its processing and application of research, won many domestic and international scientific research awards, research achievements. He said that the establishment of the academician workstation is due to both sides in the field of polymer materials have a very strong strength, and hope that through the cooperation between industry, academia and research, to help enterprises in the field of vacuum coating coatings and other areas to do bigger and stronger.

        The relevant person in charge of Rongcheng District said that it will actively create favorable conditions for the academician workstation to carry out its work with the highest efficiency, the best environment and the best service. We hope that more experts and scholars will come to Rongcheng City to visit and guide, carry out docking and cooperation with enterprises, and continuously broaden the field and scope of cooperation to realize comprehensive mutual benefit and win-win situation.

        Vice Mayor Zeng Ruiru attended the event and unveiled the academician workstation.

From the second edition of Jieyang Daily, August 25, 2015