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Leader in vacuum coating industry for 30 years

Science and technology innovation to strengthen the industry, culture casting the soul of the enterprise - Remember the "Guangdong Province May 1st Labor Award Certificate" winner Guangdong Shenzhan Industrial Co.

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In the "May Day" International Labor Day is approaching, the city a number of advanced individuals and collectives were awarded the national and provincial May Day Labor Medal, Worker Pioneer, the province's May Day Labor Award and other honorary titles. They are in different posts, with practical action cast the love and dedication, striving for first-class, innovation, dedication to the great spirit of the model workers, writing a piece of moving music.

  In order to further demonstrate the style of workers, carry forward the spirit of the model workers, and effectively create a good atmosphere for the whole society to be advanced, from today onwards, the newspaper launched the "Worker Style" column, reporting on the city's advanced individuals and collectives, mobilizing the majority of the city's cadres and workers to enhance the sense of mission and sense of responsibility, to the model worker as an example, in order to promote the accelerated development of Jieyang! To build up a career and create new achievements. Please pay attention to the readers.

  Reporter: Hsu Chia-Man.

  Ltd. has long insisted on independent research and development innovation, pay attention to talent training, through strengthening cooperation between industry, academia and research, the introduction of scientific and technological innovation team, training a large number of innovative talents, has achieved fruitful results of innovation, business development and constantly on a new level, the honorary awards are frequently reported. This year, the company won the "Guangdong Province May Day Labor Award", becoming one of the only two enterprises in the city to win this award.

  Innovation-driven to stand at the head of the tide

  Recruiting talents and attracting wisdom show results

  Founded in 1997, Guangdong Shenzhan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and an innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province, specializing in the research and development and production of vacuum coating coatings. Relying on strong technical force, the company has successively launched matte paint, matte color oil, imitation leather paint, wrinkle paint and other special coatings, and has developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic vacuum coating industry supporting the manufacture of coatings, enjoying a good reputation in the industry.

  The reason why we can do all this, the company's deputy general manager Huang Jianbin said with deep feeling, thanks to the company's long-term adherence to the road of scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the independent research and development and independent innovation, to promote the sustainable development of enterprises with the core technology, high-tech products to serve the needs of the community and improve market competitiveness. He said, "independent" does not mean "independent combat", but to take a collection of ways, a wide range of industry-university-research cooperation, with the help of many domestic scientific and technological elite wisdom, to strengthen the company's scientific research strength.

  Graduated from Henan Normal University, majoring in chemical engineering, Wang Zhaoqin, chief engineer of the deep exhibition, is the first batch of high technology personnel enjoying the national special allowance in China. Before 1996, China's plastic vacuum coating oil technology research has no successful precedent, technical difficulties, most experts gave up the project research. At that time, Wang Zhaoqin has been in the National Research Institute of Chemical Industry research coating oil for more than two years, in the face of many technical difficulties and can not start, Guangdong deep exhibition of industrial limited company chairman Huang Honghong made a special trip to Tianjin to visit the Wang Zhaoqin, recruiting the sincerity of the deeply touched her. Wang Zhaoqin retired from the metropolis of Tianjin to Jieyang, "leaving his hometown". Under the chairmanship of Wang Zhaoqin, the technology development laboratory of the deep exhibition constantly overcome difficulties, and made a scientific and technological achievements: following the independent research and development in 2007 to obtain the national invention patent, and was awarded the Guangdong Provincial Patent Award of Excellence, and at the same time won the third prize of the Provincial Outstanding New Product and the Third Prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the project - SZ-97 after the vacuum coating coatings. In 2008, the project of "Industrialization and Application Technology of Water-based Vacuum Coating Coatings for Metals" won the bidding of Guangdong-Hong Kong Key Breakthrough Project, and the product was appraised by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, which showed that the performance reached the performance index of similar solvent-based coatings, filling the gap in China and at the leading level in the international arena. The product won the "Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress" of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

  Last year, guangdong deep exhibition industrial limited company academician workstation was established, the successful introduction of the famous polymer materials leader, Chinese academy of engineering, professor of dalian university of science and technology JianXiGao, the two sides in the field of polymer materials, vacuum coating coating and other fields of production, research and development cooperation. "After the establishment of academician workstation, the company can not wait to send two batches of technicians have been to Dalian, Guangzhou to participate in the relevant academic forums, and constantly improve the professional level of technicians to better docking academician team." Huang Jianbin said.

  Putting people first for development

  Branding with one heart and one mind

  The development of any enterprise is inseparable from its employees. While adhering to independent innovation and independent research and development, SZD insists on people-oriented, creates a harmonious atmosphere of uplifting and caring for employees, and continuously internalizes the company's corporate values into the employees' working concepts and infiltrates them into their daily life and work.

  The company's labor union chairman Zhan Guanghui introduced, chairman Huang Honghong pay great attention to the development of employees, depending on the staff for the development of the enterprise, and find ways to create a good working and living environment for the staff, so that the staff in the process of enterprise development continue to get the benefits, get the benefits, and at the same time pay attention to the enhancement of the spiritual culture of the staff, for the staff to create a space for the sustainable development of the staff, so that the staff really feel the warmth of the company's harmony.

  The company has invested for the staff to build a karaoke room, book reading room, billiard room, table tennis room, basketball court, badminton court, multi-function hall and other activities, and each year also allocated a certain amount of money as the organization of employees to go out to visit the study and travel and tourism special expenses, to the staff to exchange ideas, update knowledge, broaden the horizons of the enhancement of physical fitness, and promote friendship to create opportunities, at the same time, the company also seriously implement the "Warmth" project to provide subsidies and nursing care for employees in need, hospitalized and sick. At the same time, the company also earnestly implements the project of "sending warmth", giving subsidies and nursing care to employees who are in difficulty or hospitalized.

  In the process of development, the company takes the initiative to assume social responsibility, is keen on public welfare, and actively returns to the society. Over the years, the company has accumulated more than 30 million yuan in donations, and has made due contributions to local education, medical care, culture, public security, social welfare and other undertakings, which have been widely praised by the local government and the public.

  People-oriented concept, harmonious labor relations and a good corporate cultural atmosphere, so that employees and the interests, responsibilities and destiny of the enterprise are closely linked together. Deep show of care for employees, so that every employee consciously invested in the construction of the company. Experimenter Zhang Yongtao said that the company's biggest benefit to the workers is the improvement of their own level, the company attaches great importance to product development and innovation, not only dare to recruit high-end technical personnel with high salary, but also dare to purchase high-end equipment, so that they have the opportunity to show their skill level here, and other people to exchange ideas and make progress together.

Originally published in Jieyang Daily, April 29, 2016, page 1